Saturday, 2 March 2013

an introduction

I have a YouTube channel ( that I regularly upload videos to. In order to make a video, you need a script, a microphone, a capture card (for the game) and a lot of editing. The video is obviously more accessible and it feels more like a finished product, not to mention that YouTube videos are more viewed and don't take effort to watch, but it requires a lot of effort on my part. 

I will continue to make videos, as I enjoy doing so, but all the scrapped reviews or unfinished scripts will be posted to this blog, and eventually I will finish them and make it into a proper video. I have a lot of school work to do, and the school work will only increase come GCSE time, so I will have less time to make videos and play video games. 

This blog will serve as the Beta to my YouTube channel, where I will make updates and written reviews. My writing and my reviewing style will only improve if I do more of it, so a blog is a good way to step forward.
 Watching films and playing video games will increase my knowledge of pop culture and film-making, so I can broaden my horizons in university and college, as it will increase my knowledge in cinematography, media studies, English language, English literature, sound design and acting, which can all benefit me in later life. 

Playing video games will also help me with graphics, art, media studies and music. I will be more exposed to media than I was before, and if Past Bing/Future Bing has taught me anything, it's that practice equals progress, and progression makes a smart, literate and well-balanced person. I hope this project will benefit me greatly.